J'ai eu l'occasion de voyager et de rencontrer des gens extraordinaires qui m'inspirent à grandir. Vous voulez être accompagné de votre entraineur personnel ou de votre massothérapeute lors de votre prochaine aventure? Pour tous ceux qui désirent avoir un entraineur personnel en voyage pour maintenir la "shape" avec un encadrement motivant et adapté, je suis à votre disposition!

Contactez-moi personnellement ci-dessous pour voir les tarifications!

Actuellement à la recherche d'opportunités d'être un collaborateur de retraite santé ou tout ce qui pourrait être en lien avec des voyages de retraite de surf et de snowboard.



I'm Nicolas Prud'homme,
passionate, eager to learn
and determined to reach the top!




The Kinesiologist will evaluate and follow your physical condition taking into consideration all the factors of your life. A Kinesiologist will also adapt your training continuously according to your goals, your physical condition, your experience and your interests. Whether you are a top-level athlete or a regular fitness enthusiast, I will be able to motivate you as a private coach during your training sessions and support you in adopting healthy lifestyle habits. That's exactly how I work with my clients, bringing their overall fitness to the next level.




Every massage therapist has a different approach. I have forged my experience with many athletes in the field at Sherbrooke University. My approach is suitable for all athletes, both professional and casual, as I help to improve their performance while preventing possible injuries. My anatomical vision and my sense of observation help me to foresee possible causes of pain. I keep improving my knowledge of the musculoskeletal system in order to accompany the body sometimes subjected to intense physical effort.




It's good to be an athlete in the field to understand what it's like to work hard day after day. To reach the summit of our objectives, there is no shortcut unfortunately. I believe that we are living in a time where everything must be done quickly and that we are continually looking for the easiest way to achieve our goals. At training, there is no fast lane. The human is an incredible machine, but sometimes too lazy. Since my young age, all the individual and team sports practiced have allowed me to learn a lot about myself. I strongly believe that consistency in the effort overcomes everything I do.

I am on the road to success. Will you join me?